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Feathers by Thor Hanson.. Who hasn’t wanted them? Since Icarus, we’ve wanted flight. And they’re just darn good looking, too. Hanson is a field biologist, and he knows his stuff. You’ll take flight.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Those readers with fancy binoculars and a dog-eared copy of Sibley’s guide might find some of Mr. Hanson’s terrain familiar, since “Feathers” is more a work of synthesis than of groundbreaking ornithology. But as synthesis goes, it is gracious, funny, persuasive and wide ranging. Feathers, Mr. Hanson reminds us, teach a remarkable amount about evolution, insulation, engineering, archeology and fashion. Better still, as this book shows, they allow not only birds but the human imagination to take flight."

The New York Times

"A fascinating book about the most remarkable—and beautiful—of all avian evolutionary adaptations, with wonderful accounts of ornithological investigations and the solving of biological quandaries and questions, all of it unusually well-written. Highly recommended."

Peter Matthiessen

Author bio: Dr. Thor Hanson is a conservation biologist, Switzer Environmental Fellow, and member of the Human Ecosystems Study Group. His first book, The Impenetrable Forest: My Gorilla Years in Uganda, won the 2008 USA Book News Award for nature writing. Hanson lives with his wife and son on an island in the Pacific Northwest. More information can be found here:

Book Details: Science/Technology; (336 pp. Encyclopedic: Kindle/Print editions)

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