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Luminarium by Alex Shakar.. The ol’ brain-in-a-jar conceit is fresh and alive in this vigorous and provocative romp (with nod to William James). A great novel that explodes your mind on contact.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"In his long-awaited second novel after the razor-sharp The Savage Girl (2001), Shakar takes measure of our post-9/11 existential confusion in a technology-avid but sciencephobic, 'ever-complexifying world.' A radiantly imaginative social critic, Shakar is also a knowledgeable and intrepid explorer of metaphysical and neurological mysteries. With beguiling characters trapped in ludicrous and revelatory predicaments, this is a cosmic, incisively funny kaleidoscopic tale of loss, chaos, and yearning."


"Luminarium is dizzyingly smart and provocative, exploring as it does the state of the present, of technology, of what is real and what is ephemeral. But the thing that separates Luminarium from other books that discuss avatars, virtual reality and the like is that Alex Shakar is committed throughout with trying, relentlessly, to flat-out explain the meaning of life. This book is funny, and soulful, and very sad, but so intellectually invigorating that you'll want to read it twice."

Dave Eggers

Author bio: Alex Shakar’s first novel, The Savage Girl, a New York Times Notable Book, has been translated into six foreign languages. His story collection, City in Love, won the FC2 National Fiction Competition. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he now lives in Chicago with his wife, the composer Olivia Block. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Fiction; (432 pp. Cybercereberal: Kindle/Print editions)

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