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Holy Ghost Girl by Donna M. Johnson.. Something about tent revivals just gets me in a mood for wreckage, and this account of the wreckage heaped on one family of fellow travelers is enough to get you speaking in tongues. A ripping good tale.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Ms. Johnson’s enthralling memoir, her first book, is about growing up on the road in a clan of what she calls Holy Rollers. She remembers the wood slats of the folding chairs digging into her toddler legs as sermons spun into a fifth hour, and, years later, faking an ecstatic, speaking-in-tongues experience. (“Shondishondishnondi.”) But it’s really Mr. Terrell’s show, and Ms. Johnson’s account unfolds into a fascinating portrait of that preacher and the grip he had on her family."

The New York Times

"A trustworthy narrator, Johnson is consistently funny, poetic and remarkably devoid of bitterness."

Kirkus Reviews

Author bio: Donna Johnson is a high school dropout who found redemption in books and the University of Texas. She planned to be a journalist, but her career was hijacked by marketing and advertising. As a result, she spent years writing about the mysterious workings of technology, most of which she took on faith. Through the writing of Holy Ghost Girl Donna found a way to connect the disparate parts of her self. The sight of a gospel tent stretched against an evening sky leaves an ache in her heart, but she no longer flees at the sound of a tambourine. She has been known to tell people she'll pray for them. And she does. The big questions posed by religion continue to occupy Donna. She has written about matters of faith for the Dallas Morning News and the Austin American Statesman. Donna lives and writes in Austin Tx, where with the help of family and friends, she works at becoming a regular person. More information can be found here:

Book Details: Nonfiction Thriller; (278 pp. Repent-o-costly: Kindle/Audiobook/Print editions)

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