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The Natural History of The Piano by Stuart Isacoff.. Yep. it’s everything you were afraid to ask, including most of what you didn’t want to know. You are either with the piano, or you are against it. If you are with, this ‘snap’s for you.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"This entertaining new book about the origins and the importance of the piano starts off not with the instrument's inventor (Bartolomeo Cristofori) or its most famous early advocate (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), but with an account of one of the last performances of jazz legend Oscar Peterson (1925-2007). For Stuart Isacoff — writer, pianist, composer, teacher — a great pianist is a great pianist, and the usual genre divisions aren't very important."

The Seattle Times

"Well-known piano maven Stuart Isacoff has written an exhaustive and entertaining cultural history of the piano, from the days of its predecessor harpsichords through the present. He encompasses virtually every style along the way: classical, jazz, crossover and rock ’n’ roll among them. “Sparkling discourse” is his aim, and he succeeds."

Author bio: Stuart Isacoff is active across North America and Europe as a writer, pianist, composer and lecturer. His ongoing presence in the cultural landscape has included presentations at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center, as well as at festivals around the world; regular contributions on music and art to The Wall Street Journal; and classes at the Purchase College Conservatory of Music (SUNY). More information can be found here:

Book Details: History; (384 pp. Eightyeightopedia: Kindle/Print editions)

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