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The Doors by Greil Marcus.. Time to open the tomb in Pierre Lachaise and see if anyone’s home? This remarkable band did more to and for Rock and Roll than just about any. Bewitching read, if you’re a fan.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"No one seems better positioned to write about the Doors than Greil Marcus. A native and longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he witnessed the convulsions of the 1960s firsthand. As a music journalist and historian, he has mostly remained outside academe, a rarity among American public intellectuals."

The New York Times

"When Marcus is full-on into ecstatic writing mode, spending several pages at a time detailing the most minuscule subtleties of a performance - and this book is all about the Doors as a performing band, more than as writers or icons - the rush is more than contagious.… The way Marcus is able to construct an engaging narrative out of a tune that was recorded on a lousy cassette recorder in the middle of an ancient auditorium produces small miracles of revelatory rock writing…. And, suddenly, Marcus does make you remember what an anomaly their particular brand of noir was in the late '60s ... along with how few of today's Phish bootlegs will be prompting entire books in the 2050s. Marcus is just the discriminating wheat-from-chaff separator the Doors have long been in need of to reconfirm their legend among the intelligentsia."

San Francisco Chronicle

Author bio: Marcus was born in San Francisco and earned an undergraduate degree in American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, where he also did graduate work in political science.[1] He has been a rock critic and columnist for Rolling Stone (where he was the first reviews editor, at $30 a week) and other publications, including Creem, The Village Voice, and Artforum. From 1983 to 1989, Marcus was on the Board of Directors for the National Book Critics Circle. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; (210 pp. Subwoofversive: Kindle/Audiobook/Print editions)

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