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Look, I Made a Hat by Stephen Sondheim.. When there is a there there, you want to know just how it got there, and this follow-up to Sonheim’s first volume on the art of songwriting does a great job of unpacking the business there is no business like.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"The new book is, in short, more of a gallimaufry than the first, to borrow a delightful word this expert wordsmith uses himself at one point. But it’s nonetheless to be treasured. Mr. Sondheim may not be sufficiently in thrall to the human voice, in his view, but, as these books amply illustrate, he has been deeply enthralled by human experience in all its complexity and complication, and its expression through the art form for which he has such a masterly talent."

The New York Times

"Sondheim is a national treasure, a giant in the world of musical theater who changed the structure and sound of the form in 20th-century masterpieces. Speaking of heaven, though, here's Look, I Made a Hat, the second part of Sondheim's two-volume collection of lyrics, this one spanning 1981-2011, with additional bits and pieces. Talmudically thorough and devilishly diverting with what the author refers to as ‘attendant comments, amplifications, dogmas, harangues, digressions, anecdotes, and miscellany,’ the book is divine."

Entertainment Weekly

Author bio: Sondheim studied piano seriously through his prep school years, while Hammerstein tutored him in writing for the theater. With Hammerstein's guidance, he wrote scripts and scores for four shows, a project that occupied Sondheim through his student years at Williams College. On graduation, he was awarded a two-year scholarship to study composition. He studied with the avant-garde composer Milton Babbit, writing a piano concerto and a violin sonata while trying to break into the theater. Sondheim's first efforts at securing a Broadway assignment fell through, but he found work writing for television, and made the acquaintance of two playwrights who were to play a significant role in his career: Arthur Laurents and Burt Shevelove. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; (453 pp. Galimaufry: Print only)

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