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Edward Weston by Steve Crist.. Edward Weston is one of the most fascinating artists of the 20th century. More sensual, more unsparingly truthful an eye you won’t find anywhere. If you were wondering what to put under the tree for me, this would be it.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"What appeals to me about Ammo and Mysterious Galaxy is the story they tell about a book industry that's bigger and more diverse than the one imagined by Amazon. And why not? If 2010 was the year e-reading finally carved out a place for itself, then 2011, perhaps, is the year we began to think about how traditional and new media models not only can, but must, coexist."

The Los Angeles Times

"Edward Weston was one of the true greats.."


Author bio: Edward Henry Weston was born March 24, 1886, in Highland Park, Illinois. He spent the majority of his childhood in Chicago where he attended Oakland Grammar School. He began photographing at the age of sixteen after receiving a Bull’s Eye #2 camera from his father. Weston’s first photographs captured the parks of Chicago and his aunt’s farm. In 1906, following the publication of his first photograph in Camera and Darkroom, Weston moved to California. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; (262 pp. Sumptuous: Print only)

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