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Beethoven in America by Michael Broyles.. They may call it BEETH-oven street in Binghamton, NY, just like it’s a hot place to cook beeths, whatever they are, but the great has made his imprint widely, and Boyles is the one to tell the tale.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"This book fills a great gap in our understanding both of Beethoven and of American culture. The panorama of this narrative encompasses antebellum rice plantations in South Carolina and the film studios of Hollywood, music critic John Dwight and rock star Chuck Berry, Theosophy and Black Power, Beethoven's sketches, and YouTube videos."

Christopher Reynolds, UC Davis

"...[E]ven Beethoven probably would have been surprised at the place his name and image have found at the heart of American culture, including popular culture. Yes, it’s true that millions of Americans get through their days, weeks and months without hearing a note of Beethoven or giving him a thought. But as Michael Broyles points out in his fascinating but uneven “Beethoven in America,” just about everyone knows Beethoven’s name, if not necessarily his music, and for millions — particularly those with little interest in the symphonic world — he is synonymous with the classics ."

The New York Times

Author bio: Beethoven: The Emergence and Evolution of Beethoven’s Heroic Style, 1987; A Yankee Musician in Europe: The 1837 Journals of Lowell Mason, 1990; Music of the Highest Class: Elitism and Populism in Antebellum Boston, 1992; Mavericks and Other Traditions in American Music, 2004; ed. with D.V. Glahn Quintette for Piano and Strings, op. 92, 2005; with D.V. Glahn Leo Ornstein: Modernist Dilemmas, Personal Choices, 2007. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor of articles and reviews to music journals More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; (418 pp. Eroic: Print only)

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