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The Sounding of The Whale by D. Graham Burnett.. Whether your referent is Moby Dick or Flipper, there is something in the American psyche that is engrossed by the big, brainy mammals of the sea. Burnett’s tome of science and story illuminates who They are.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"D. Graham Burnett, the author of “The Sounding of the Whale,” a sweeping, important study of cetacean science and policy, has quite literally “tried the whale” and could probably describe for you whale meat’s precise consistency. But he has also been tried by the whale in the deepest sense, because he spent a decade poring over thousands upon thousands of pages scattered in far-flung archives. If the whale swallowed Jonah whole, then Burnett has made a considerable effort to get as much of the whale as possible down his voluminous intellectual gullet."

The New York Times

"The wait is over. We finally have a comprehensive, brilliantly written chronicle of science in the history of whaling—or whaling in the history of science. Graham Burnett’s leviathanic opus covers everything you ever wanted to know—or didn’t know you wanted to know—about the biology, conservation, politics, and history of what is perhaps man’s most troubled relationship with wild animals. This masterly study eclipses every cetological work that precedes it. Well, maybe not Moby-Dick."

Richard Ellis, author of The Great Sperm Whale

Author bio: D. Graham Burnett is a historian of science, and recently held the Christian Gauss Fund University Preceptorship. The recipient of a 2009 Mellon New Directions Fellowship, he is currently working on connections between the sciences and the visual arts. Professor Burnett graduated from Princeton in 1993 as the salutatorian and a recipient of the Pyne Prize. With the support of a Marshall Scholarship he completed a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University (1997 [2001]), where he was a member of Trinity College. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; (793 pp. Cetological: Print edition)

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