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American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar.. Wonderful coming-of-age tale from a first-time novelist, this story fires on all cylinders and has horsepower to spare. A great look at questions of race and identity in the not-so-benign middle West.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"What a pleasure to encounter a first novel as self-assured and effortlessly told as Ayad Akhtar’s “American Dervish.” Mr. Akhtar, a first-generation Pakistani-American, has written an immensely entertaining coming-of-age story set during the early 1980s among the Pakistanis in the author’s hometown, Milwaukee."

The New York Times

"With characters full of contradictions and complexity, this debut novel is refreshing for its lack of the political and religious hand-wringing so common in the post-9/11 world. But it's also resonantly familiar in its depiction of youthful obsession and the desire to belong."

O Magazine

Author bio: Ayad Akhtar is an American-born, first generation Pakistani-American from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He holds degrees in Theater from Brown University and in Directing from the Graduate Film Program at Columbia University, where he won multiple awards for his work. He is the author of numerous screenplays and was star and co-writer of The War Within, which premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay and an International Press Academy Satellite Award for Best Picture - Drama. American Dervish is his first novel. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Fiction; (357 pp. Bildiungscapade: Kindle/Audiobooks/Print editions)

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