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Lives Like Loaded Guns by Lyndall Gordon.. Emily, Emily Dickinson: Poor lass, another biography has kindly stopped for you. But this one’s compelling. The family feuds and possible medical explanations for your dashery are fascinating. But your poetry yet soars.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Although deciphering Emily Dickinson's mysterious personality is like trying to catch a ghost, this startling biography explains quite a lot.."

Publisher's weekly

"The tale that Lyndall Gordon unveils in “Lives Like Loaded Guns” is so lurid, so fraught with forbidden passions, that readers may be disappointed to find that no actual gun goes off in this feverish account of the Dickinson family feuds.."

The NY Times

Author bio: Though I emigrated at the age of twenty-two, the seascape of Cape Town and the sharpness of African shadow were too deeply implanted for me to be anything other than a creature of that place. My father practised as a lawyer but was better known as a sportsman and sports commentator on the SABC. "Over to Harry at Hartleyvale," we would hear on the radio on Saturdays, and then my father's cheery voice on the air. My mother, Rhoda, was a writer, primarily a poet – she thought in images - but her poetry was unpublished. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Nonfiction; 512 pp. Interrobang: Kindle/Audiobook/Print edition)

Publisher Website: 9780670021932

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