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Yellow Dirt: An American Story of Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed by Judy Pasternak.. With talk of CPR for the domestic nuclear power industry in the news, we may want to look at the lives and landscapes affected by mining uranium before getting out the cardiac paddles. On the other hand, the looming energy crunch is real. What price are we willing to pay?

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Studded with vivid character sketches and evocative descriptions of the American landscape, journalist Judy Pasternak's scarifying account of uranium mining's disastrous consequences often reads like a novel — though you will wish that the bad guys got punished as effectively as they do in commercial fiction. Real life is complicated, and Pasternak, a veteran of 24 years with the Los Angeles Times, does justice to the historical and ethical ambiguities of her tale while crafting a narrative of exemplary clarity. ."

The LA Times

"It was, ultimately, Pasternak's coverage of the legacy of uranium mining in the Navajo Nation that galvanized Waxman -- who, as a congressman from California, didn't even have a dog in the fight. Following the intricate unfolding of the disaster, it's easy to spot countless points at which a little more information, education and communication (not to mention accountability) might have contributed to saving many lives. That's not a Hollywood story, and there sure isn't a part for Julia Roberts in it, but that's all the more reason why it needs to be told.."


Author bio: Judy Pasternak is a writer who lives near Washington DC. She worked for the Los Angeles Times for 24 years, in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, tackling subjects as varied as al Qaeda's private airline, a band of right-wing bank robbers, backstage maneuvering at Dick Cheney's energy task force and the giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way. She has won numerous awards for environmental and investigative journalism. Previously, she worked at the Detroit Free Press, Baltimore News American and Hollywood (Fla.) Sun-Tattler. She is married, with one son. More information can be found here:

Book Details: History; (672 pp. Intense read: Kindle/Audiobooks/Print edition)

Publisher Website: 9781416594826

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