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The Spanish Holocaust by Paul Preston.. Here's the war of gore that presaged more, and a worthwhile read if you wonder what that Lincoln Brigade thing was all about. Fascism is a good thing to keep an eye out for, so read and be wary.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Unflinchingly, Preston sifts through the pillage, torture, and mass executions of this bleak chapter in Spanish history."

The New Yorker

"In “Homage to Catalonia,” his memoir of the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell remarks that Francisco Franco’s military uprising against Spain’s elected government “was an attempt not so much to impose fascism as to restore feudalism.” Paul Preston’s magisterial account of the bloodshed of that era bears this out. Fascism may belong to the 20th century, but Franco’s grab for power evokes earlier times: the parading soldiers who flourished enemy ears and noses on their bayonets, the mass public executions carried out in bullrings or with band music and onlookers dancing in the victims’ blood."

The New York Times

Author bio: Paul Preston, author of The Spanish Civil War, Franco and Juan Carlos, and The Spanish Holocaust, is the world's foremost historian on twentieth-century Spain. A professor at the London School of Economics, he lives in London. More information can be found here:

Book Details: History; (700 pp. Gruellery: Print only)

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