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White Bread by Aaron Bobrow-Strain.. I remember touring the Bunny Bread factory on a school field trip when I was a child in Southern Illinois. The idea of a bread factory still seems like a bad culinary turn. Read all about why.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"The dreams Bobrow-Strain concocts are symptoms of our having twisted a version of the American dream that would have kept bread safe into a nightmare in which haves and have-nots are divided by the greatest margin ever: our poorest eat bread that makes them sick, and our richest eat no bread at all."

The New York Times

"This book provides an enlightening take on bread's social and cultural value. Bobrow-Strain blends academic rigor with a friendly, insightful tone, making White Bread the best thing since...well, never mind."

Serious Eats

Author bio: Aaron Bobrow-Strain, associate professor of politics at Whitman College, writes and teaches on the politics of the global food system. He is the author of Intimate Enemies: Landowners, Power, and Violence in Chiapas. More information can be found here:

Book Details: History; (257 pp. Kindle/Print editions)

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