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Twelve Desperate Miles by Tim Brady.. Gritty grungy escapades in the fore of Patton’s N. Africa foray, this is a Great War story like no other. Extraordinary and extreme. You love this stuff, or you hate it.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"An entertaining story of individual heroism, which Brady surrounds by an equally entertaining account of the North African invasion, the largest amphibious operation in history at the time."

Kirkus Reviews

"Historians have so thoroughly fished the drama of World War II that it is hard to believe the subject still has prize catches to offer up, but here comes a keeper.... [Tim Brady] conveys the campaign in an almost novelistic way, bringing seemingly disparate figures and incidents into an engaging narrative.... [he] tells the story in a style that will keep readers on the edge of their seats."

The Wall Street Journal

Author bio: Tim Brady is the award-winning author of The Great Dan Patch and the Remarkable Mr. Savage and a regular contributor to PBS history documentaries. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and currently writes for History Channel Magazine, Minnesota, and Minnesota Monthly. More information can be found here:

Book Details: History; (352 pp. Kindle/Audiobook/Print editions)

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