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A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers.. The whole thing about Eggers is that you are allowed to have the full range of complex emotions, effrontery, even, that you’d experience with a true friend, lover or spouse. Go ahead, try this one on. He remakes America. Or tries.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Dave Eggers comes from a much more sober, humbled, craft-­loving time, and his latest novel is the opposite of a failure: it’s a clear, supremely readable parable of America in the global economy that is haunting, beautifully shaped and sad. But for all the difference between their generations, you can feel in Eggers some of the hunger, the range and the unembarrassedly serious engagement with America and its ideals that gave Mailer’s work such force."

The New York Times

"Eggers understands the pressures of American downward-mobility, and in the protagonist of his novel, Alan Clay, has created an Everyman, a post-modern Willy Loman….The novel operates on a grand and global scale, but it also is intimate."

The Chicago Tribune

Author bio: Dave Eggers is the bestselling author of Zeitoun, winner of the American Book Award and Dayton Literary Peace Prize. His novel What Is the What was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and won France’s Prix Medici. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Fiction; (312 pp. Kindle/Hardcover)

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