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Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.. Novelists take note: lead your book with a frontispiece map of a voyage, even if it’s to Ethiopia. A nun unexpectedly giving birth to twins? Get that going on page one. Oh, and write as beautifully as Verghese. Unaffected. Pure heart.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"For readers who like the length, depth, and strength of a true saga, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is your story. Time wise, this absorbing novel covers a period of at least 25-30 years. It covers the time period when Dr. Thomas Stone, an expert physician surgeon, except for obstetrics, leaves India for a small two-doctored clinic in Addis Ababa, Africa. There, with the help of a devoted nursing Carmelite nun who travels with him, he becomes the third surgeon miracle worker for all who come under his care.."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Abraham Verghese's "Cutting for Stone" is the first straightforward, quotidian novel set in and largely about Africa that I've read in a good long time -- the kind Richard Russo or Cormac McCarthy might write, the kind that shows how history and landscape and accidents of birth and death conspire to create the story of a single life. ."

The LA Times

Author bio: Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, is Professor for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Senior Associate Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Fiction; (541 pp. Immersive: Kindle/Audiobook/Print editions)

Publisher Website: 9780375414497

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