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Fat People by Bill Schubart.. These will move you and make you laugh. Schubart manages to tightrope walk, keen observation on the one hand, compassion on the other. His characters are people you know. Some you wish you didn't, or wish you could help. A Vermont Russell Banks.

Joel Gardner, LitSnap Editor

"Bill Schubart takes on the forbidden subject ... fat. And he takes it head-on from the jarring title to the cover image of a naked, disgruntled cherub who looks as if someone has just taken away his sweet bun. The characters of these fourteen fictional stories share enormous girths and are treated with equal measures of honesty (occasionally brutal), sympathy, and pathos. There's Baybie in her slanted trailer, Father Bob who can no longer reach his own penis,the girl on the train with the imaginary boy friend, even an aging coyote scavenging for fast food scraps. Be forewarned! The author will be taking you in places you've never been before (and maybe did not want to go). Schubart, a "man of girth," has been there, done that. What redeems these stories is the clarity and precision of the writing. Whether it's describing the compulsive creation of the perfect white bread cheese sandwich or the lingering aftertaste of a cinnamon roll Schubart's writing is as addictive as some of his characters' eating disorders. Writing this good makes any subject interesting. (Thank goodness, no recipes in this book!)."

The Public Press

"Fat People is an entirely unique fictional look at the emotions and experiences of those who live to eat: the estrangement, loneliness, embarrassment, fear, abuse, defeated sexuality, unresolved anger, but also the simple pleasure of food. As a society, we avoid the f-word when, in fact, many of us are fat people. Diet books, cookbooks and clinical eating disorder books are a significant sector of the publishing industry, but little or no fiction exists to convey the emotional and experiential aspects of obesity, the juxtapositions of pain and sybaritic pleasure that coexist within the person living with an eating disorder or, more simply, with a predilection to overindulge in the pleasures of food. Publishing is laden with epiphany diets and weight loss schemes that form the basis of a largely fraudulent, multi-billion dollar business perpetuated by a 95% failure rate. Fat People will acquaint the reader with people who over eat -- their fears, their joys and their sorrows. It will help the reader better understand the complex relationship between the emotional insecurity, the palliative impact of highly refined food and its role in the cycle of addiction. This book is both a personal narrative and a sympathetically observed one.."

Author bio: Bill has lived with his family in Vermont since 1947. He writes about Vermont in fiction, humor and opinion pieces. Bill Schubart is the author of The Lamoille Stories, a collection of stories from his childhood growing up in Vermont. He is also is a founder of Resolution, Inc., a fully integrated E-commerce services partner, offering web commerce design & integration, customer care, on-demand media manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution and information & revenue management to broadcasters, print & electronic publishers and direct marketers. More information can be found here:

Book Details: General Fiction; 213 pp. Craft meets heart: Print only

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